Status Point

Providing dental practice management software to UK dentists for more than 30 years.

Status Point has designed one integrated piece of dental software to manage the collection and processing of patient data and to create and maintain practice compliance. A true practice management system.

For the patient

it holds the medical and dental care records safely and securely, protecting personal data within the principles of the GDPR

For the practice

it provides the structure to manage and monitor quality control to the standards set by CQC

Patient management software

Sprite and Root32 are two patient management software applications, with Sprite designed for private treatments only, and Root32 for private and NHS as well.

Practice compliance software

spCompliance is our software to help manage practice compliance. spCompliance provides clear, simple software to manage the compliance process to meet the requirements of the CQC.

Our Practice Management Solution

Add spCompliance to Sprite or Root32 for a comprehensive software application which will manage your dental practice to the standards set by CQC and  GDPR