As we have discussed, the dental practice is concerned with the management and provision of patient dental care, the wellbeing of staff, the creation and maintenance of practice policies and procedures, and the protection and processing of personal data. This requires the use of patient management and compliance software.
So, we have taken our existing patient management software and added new software to enable the Practice to maintain a sufficiently high level of quality control in its provision of dental care to satisfy the regulations specified by CQC and GDPR. It’s Patient-Practice-Compliance (PPC) to take you just where you need to go!

We can provide this integration with the following software.

For private dentistry only:

Sprite + spCompliance

For compliance only:


For NHS and private dentistry:

Root32 + spCompliance

Whether or not you are an existing customer,

Why even if you have a competing product,

We can provide you with an easy solution,

The answer to a complex issue,

A simple way to meet your compliance commitment.


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