Sprite and Root32

Sprite and Root32 are two patient management software applications, with Sprite designed for private treatments only, and Root32 for private and NHS as well. Both these products can hold the necessary personal and clinical patient data.

Each software product has many features and is very flexible. They can be set-up to hold all patient data on a local server within the confines of the dental practice, or to hold the data in a remote location, commonly referred to as being in the ‘cloud’. In the latter case, users may connect to the data locations outside the Practice.

Communication with patients, for recalls and reminders, can be by email or text message, or by letter using an extensive mail-merging facility. You can also input clinical notes into the software by voice if you wish.

There is full tooth charting, periodontal charting, treatment plans, medical questionnaires and money tracking available as you would expect. There is also a powerful appointment book within the software. 

Root32 has all the features of Sprite but it can also process and make claims for NHS courses of treatment.